two student research partners with a row of lightbulbs collaborating on a project involving lighting



如果你在找 研究型大学 that nurtures a culture of innovation, cross-disciplinary ideas and cooperation, 威尔斯人49886com是一个值得去的地方.

Our faculty is dedicated to partnerships and collaborations with other universities, 政府, 基金会, industry and global research enterprises. For example, those interested in 技术转让 威尔斯人49886com会发现 are creating many technologies available for licensing.

威尔斯人49886com actively engages in partnering with universities, 研究机构, NGOs and government agencies across more than 45 countries to facilitate a variety of opportunities and exchanges. 探索全球伙伴关系 and 威尔斯人49886com connections with countries around the world. 

Learn about our major partnerships: